Royal Tribe II - Rainbow Peacock

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The all new Crownboards Royal Tribe II is completely redesigned to give you the best dancing experience while still allowing you to do some banger freestyle tricks as well.

A twin-tip symmetrical design with a long wheelbase and smooth concave enable you to create stylish dance steps. The new redesigned and re-engineered kick tails  give you some massive pop.

This "Hans Wouters" Signature board is designed together with Hans to include everything he dreamed of in order to combine smooth & stylish dancing with big ass tricks and freestyle combo's. As Hans would say: "Pop high, Stay fly!"

L: 118cm
W: 23cm
WB: 80cm
Kicks: 12,5cm

- Dancer grip
Grip tape nose and tail
- Hans’ special Pop High, Stay Fly Fiber

- Soft 30kg / 65kg (If you weigh 70kg this board will have a flexy feeling)
- Medium 50kg / 85kg (If you weigh 85kg this board wil have a flexy feeling)
- Stiff +80kg (If you weigh around 105kg this board will have a flexy feeling)