Mini Tribe - Print #50

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The Crownboards Mini Tribe is the the Royal Tribes smallest brother, this board is perfectly designed for freestyle but that doesn’t mean you can’t dance with it. This board will make your kick flips double and you big spins bigger. Its a symmetrical twin tip with 2 massive tails, so that you have more pop and more landing space. Small, predictable and poppy, everything you need in a freestyle deck.


L: 103cm

W: 22,5cm

WB: 64,5cm

Kicks: 12,5cm




- Bamboo
- Fiberglass
- Carbon
- Dancer grip
- Grip tape nose and tail


- Soft -70kg (If you weigh 90kg this board wil have a flexy feeling)
- Stiff +65kg (If you weigh around 100kg this board will have a damping flex)

If you want to use the Mini Tribe for combining dancing and freestyle we recommend getting a Stiff version.