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Mini Tribe II - Peacock Funk

Mini Tribe II - Peacock Funk

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The all new Crownboards Mini Tribe II is the smallest sibling in the Tribe series. This board is perfectly designed for freestyle but that doesn’t mean you can’t dance with it.

We changed up the well tested Mini tribe with 2 identical redesigned and better reinforced tails, so that means you have more pop and more landing space. 

The Mini Tribe II will make your kick flips double and you big spins bigger. Short, predictable and poppy, everything you need in a freestyle deck.

L: 103cm
W: 23,5cm
WB: 64,5cm
Kicks: 12,5cm

- Bamboo
- Fiberglass
- Carbon
- Dancer grip
- Grip tape nose and tail

The Mini Tribe II always comes in a Stiff flex.  

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Stuff you might want to know about!


Does Crownboards ship to my country?

We ship our products to all EU countries as well as the US, Canada, the UK and a couple of other countries.

If you have questions about our shipping regions feel free to reach out.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major credit or debit cards, these include:

- Visa

- Mastercard

- Maestro

- Bancontact

- Apple Pay

- Google Pay

- European Banktransfer

Why is everything sold out?

All our boards are exclusive and one of a kind. We make our boards by hand right here in Hasselt.

At the moment we are dropping boards on random moments throughout the week. We always try to announce shortly before the drop when these boards will be available.

For more info feel free to reach out on our socials.

Which sizes are the boards?

We have 3 models in our line-up at the moment.

Royal Tribe II
- L: 118cm
- W: 23,5cm
- WB: 80cm
- Kicks: 12,5cm

Noble Tribe
- L: 110cm
- W: 23,5cm
- WB: 71cm
- Kicks: 12,5cm

Mini Tribe II
- L: 103cm
- W: 23,5cm
- WB: 64,5cm
- Kicks: 12,5cm

What are "Factory Seconds"?

A factory second board is a board with a small cosmetic flaw. These boards skate the same as a production board but are sold with a nice little discount.

We know people will be happy to get their hands on a nice discounted board.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes! You can cancel your order and obtain a full refund. However this is only possible if your order is still processing and has not been dispatched.

All order cancellations must be sent to us via e-mail quoting your name and order number. We can then cancel your order and refund you. If however your order has been dispatched you will need to return the order to us at your own expense.

Can I change my order?

No. All our boards are unique and this makes it not possible to change an order.

We can however cancel an order if it meets the conditions stated in "Can I cancel my order?"

The sooner you contact us the more likely we can cancel your order!

If we are unable to stop your order from being shipped you will need to return any unwanted goods at your own expense for a refund or place an additional order for anything you forgot to add. 

Do you have a physical shop?

No we don't. Our workshop and warehouse is located in Hasselt, Belgium. However this place is not open to the public.

You might find us at events with a cool booth in the future!

Who is "we" at Crownboards?

The "we" at Crown is Jelle. Crownboards is actually just a one man company. Born from the love for longboarding and woodworking I decided to combine my passions and create unique and exclusive longboards. I aim to create high quality and durable products that will last.