Noble Tribe - Black Peacock SOFT (Factory Second)

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What is a FACTORY SECOND board?
This means is that the board has a small cosmetic flaw that makes it unsellable to skate shops. We know that some people will be stoked to be able to get a board for a nice discount so thats why we decided to sell them anyways!

The Crownboards Noble Tribe is the newest member of the Tribe series. This board is specially designed for those who can't choose between hardcore freestyle or smooth dancing. It's the perfect combination of both worlds. 

We took the best features of the Mini and Royal Tribe and combined them in the Noble Tribe. With the 2 identical redesigned and better reinforced kick tails it gives you massive reliable pop with more landing space for all those banger tricks.

L: 110cm
W: 23cm
WB: 71cm
Kicks: 12,5cm

- Bamboo
- Fiberglass
- Carbon
- Dancer grip
- Grip tape nose and tail

- Soft 30kg / 65kg (If you weigh 70kg this board will have a flexy feeling)
- Medium 50kg / 85kg (If you weigh 85kg this board wil have a flexy feeling)
- Stiff +85kg (If you weigh around 105kg this board will have a flexy feeling)

If you're looking to get a complete Noble Tribe feel free to send us a message on our Facebook page!