Pieter Daenen

“Skate ‘n Smile”





Crownboards New thingy / Randall RIII / Victor’s Boardshop Wheels / Khiro 79A

Where do you live

Hasselt, Belgium (s/o 3511 squad)

Favorite song

Nas - Affirmative Action / Mobb Deep – Survival of the fittest / Ares - Lakeside

Favorite liquor

Crazy Polish vodka

How much beer can you drink

The most in this team (Chris don’t even think about it xxx)

Favorite trick

Aerograb for days

Something you hate

When you’re being friendly and say hi to people on the street and they don’t say anything back just give you a death stare

Dream trick you can't do

Double Rainbow

Favorite skater

Sebastian Eberlein / Kate Voynova

In Crownboards since…

June, 2016


Pidgey / Bobo

Dream sponsor

Crownboards / McDonalds / Lipton Ice Tea

Only dance or only freestyle (must* choose one)

Only Freestyle

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