Christopher Weggler

“Its all about the Flow.

Flow is the spirit.

The heartbeat.

The rhythm that allows you to forget everything around you turns off your brain.

Puts you in the moment and then you just flow like water”





“proto”tribe, Caliber II FIFTY trucks, Cult classic 66mm Wheels 78 A (pink), A cones and insert barrel

Where do you live

Munich, Germany

Favorite song

White wine (The Vernoms)



Favorite trick

One foot manuals / truck stands

Something you hate

Mall grabbing

Dream trick you can't do

Any kind of manual variation

Favorite skater

I like the dancing style from Simon Arsenedis

In Crownboards since…

January, 2016



Dream sponsor

A beer company or liquor company, it doesn’t matter.

Only dance or only freestyle (must* choose one)

It’s dancing time

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